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Lets Talk Stroke 4/6/21
Let’s Talk Stroke 9/27/20
Determined TV 5/30/20
LOUD Crowd gives Parkinson’s patients something to shout about

Lindsey Unger’s LOUD Crowd® group in Encinitas, CA  is featured on CBS8 San Diego’s Zevaly Zone!!!

Cognitive Changes, Speech, Swallowing in Parkinson’s w/ Lindsey Unger, Speech Pathologist
Lindsey Unger, M.S. CCC-SLP joins SmartXPD for an informative discussion covering the speech, language, voice, swallowing and cognitive changes in PD, and effective intervention techniques that make a difference.
July 2022 SDBIF Saturday Speaker Series—Lindsey Unger, Mindfulness & Cognitive Rehab

UC SAN DIEGO HEALTH MOVEMENT DISORDERS COMMUNITY SYMPOSIUM 2022-“Speak, Swallow and think with intent—therapeutic interventions that make a difference” STARTING AT MINUTE 35

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Glennar Center San Diego

A center dedicated to supporting individuals living with ALZHEIMER’S and other forms of memory impairment diseases

Parkinson's Association of San Diego

Support groups and resources for individuals diagnosed with PARKINSON’S DISEASE

Tremble Clefs

A therapeutic singing group for people living with PARKINSON’S DISEASE

Lindsey Ann Unger

Speech Language Pathologist
CEO/Owner - Converse With Confidence, Inc.

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